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  • ACPT - Adjustable Cheek Piece

    Adjustable Cheek Piece
    Adjustable Cheek Piece
    Part #: ACPT

    This ACPT Adjustable Cheek Piece is adjustable for height, providing the user with a solid cheek weld and correct eye alignment for their mounted optics.

    • Made Of: Polymer
    • M16, M4, AR15
    • Weight (ounce(s)): 102.0
    • measurements
      Height Max (inch(es)) : 13.0
      Length Max (inch(es)) : 4.6


    The ACPT Adjustable Cheek Piece is a customizable buttstock for the AR15 & M16 for the CBS Collapsible Buttstock. This upgrade gives a strong and flexible firing platform intended for expert shooters. This model is configured with the stability with cheek-adjustment to any position to increase comfort, control storage, and mounting.

    → Ambidextrously made with reinforced polymer 
    → Equipped for the CBS Collapsible Buttstock
    → Four ultrasonically welded metal Sling Mounts – Quick mounting points for attachment and release
    → Suitable to accommodate left and right-handed users with ease
    → Available for military standard with tube assembly:
        → Receiver extension
        → Recoil buffer and spring
        → Locking ring
        → Receiver plate
    → User-friendly adjustment lever for fast and comfortable length adjustment

    ACPT Adjustable Cheek Piece Measurements

    → Weight: 3.59"

    → Height: 5.11"

    → Length: 4.56"