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  • GSCR™ - Gun Shot Counter

    Gun Shot Counter
    Part #: GSCR

    The GSCR™ is a light-weight gadget having no observable impact on the operation of the weapon. It is imperceptible – introduced in the attachment on the rifle or shotgun well.

    • Picatinny
    • Weight (grams): 453.6
    • measurements
      Width Max (cm) : 17.8
      Height Max (cm) : 30.5
      Length Max (cm) : 30.5


    The GSCR™ Gun Shot Counter is a light-weight gadget for shooters who want to enhance split time, in-between shots, to 1/1000 of a second. The Gun Shot Counter, helps increase shooting precision, and keep a full record of shot counted data. The shot counter can be viewed and analyzed on a computer, tablet via USB and on Android phones on the Gun Shooter App. 

    The GSCR™ Gun Shot Counter is available that attaches to any picatinny rail or shotgun rifle.

    → Made to fit onto any picatinny rail or a shotgun rilfe for gun counts
    → Records up to 500,000 shots showing shot slip time, rates with date and time
    → Includes a user-replaceable CR1632 battery with two years of life

    GSCR™ Gun Shots Counter Measurements

    → Height: 12"

    → Width: 7"

    → Length: 3"

    → Weight: 1 lb.