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  • IDFT-H - IDF Style Shooting Targets

    Picture of IDFT-H - IDF Style Shooting Targets
    Part #: IDFT-H

    The IDF Style Shooting Target provide simple and effective target shooting to sight in your firearm. There are available in three various sizes: Full, head and shoulders.

    • measurements
      Width Max (inch(es)) : 38.1
      Height Max (inch(es)) : 38.1


    Train the way the Israel Defense Forces train every soldier, with the IDF Style Silhouette Shooting Targets in three scenario-based sizes: head, shoulders, and full-frontal silhouette of an Israeli enemy soldier aiming his weapon right at you. You have the ability to place the targets at different ranges, use larger targets for longer ranges and vice versa.

    The IDF Shooting Targets are made of paper and packaged in stacks of 100 targets. The IDF Style Shooting Targets complete the CAA training experience. Perfect for serious shooters, training academies, and shooting ranges. Train the IDF way.

    IDFT-H Style Training Targets Measurements

    → Head Silhouette: 15” x 15”