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  • IFG - Interchangeable Forward Grip – AK47/AK74/VZ58

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    The IFG Interchangeable Forward Grip is our tactical pistol grip for AK models replacing the stock grip to increase comfort and performance.

    • Made Of: Polymer
    • AK 47/74, VZ58
    • Weight (ounce(s)): 4.0
    • measurements
      Width Max (inch(es)) : 4.1
      Height Max (inch(es)) : 12.7
      Length Max (inch(es)) : 7.0


    The IFG Interchangeable Forward Grip is a strengthened polymer body grip providing comfort with overmolding rubber for weapon performance, and maximum control in unfavorable situations. An updated grip for the AK-designed rifle, enhances ergonomics, weapon control, and acquires an elastic rubber surface. The prominent Interchangeable Forward Grip is grasping to guarantee a positive and agreeable hold onto the AK rifle.

    → Replacement for AK47/AK74/VZ58 stock grip - with finger groves and palm swell for a powerful grip
    → Increases better comfort and weapon performance
    → Gives user more control and space during firing
    → Reduces fatigue and slippage when grip is wet
    → Equipped with a bottom storage compartment

    IFG Interchangeable Forward Grip Measurements

    → Weight: 5.6 oz.

    → Height: 5"

    → Length: 2.75"

    → Width: 1.62"