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  • IR PTT - Hartman Remote Control

    Image of Wireless Hartman Remote Control for MH1
    SKU: MH1-PTT
    Part #: MH1-PTT

    The Wireless Hartman Remote Control is available exclusively for all Hartman MH1 Red Dot Reflex Sights can be operated for both left and right hand users.

    • MH1- All Models


    Our ambidextrous Infrared (IR) Push-To-Transmit (PTT) Hartman Remote Control with the strap can be operated from both right and left sides of the forearm grip. This activates the sight for a Hartman MH1 Red Dot Reflex Sight, and controls the brightness levels of the reticle. The Hartman Remote Control allows the shooter to control the sight without disengaging the supporting arm of the weapon, reducing critical reaction time.

    → Levels consists of 10 levels – 5 for day and 5 for night
    → Constructed of Polymer material – No additional assembly required
    → IR PTT controls sighting – no broken or incorrect length cables
    → Easily accessible, angled activation buttons