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  • MSAT500 – Shotgun Stock Pistol Grip – Mossberg 500/590

    MSAT500 Shotgun Stock Pistol Grip
    SKU: MSAT500
    Part #: MSAT500

    The MSAT500 Shotgun Stock Pistol Grip is the ultimate model with no rail and 6 Position Recoil Reducing Tube, made for Mossberg 500/590.

    • Made Of: Poly+Alum
    • Mossberg 500
    • Weight (ounce(s)): 25.9


    The MSAT500 Shotgun Stock Pistol Grip and Recoil Reducing Tube replaces a regular factory buttstock with a pistol grip. Providing the versatility you need for different situations. The MSAT500 Shotgun Stock with Pistol Grip is made with Polymer and Alumium and brings stability, accuracy, and better comfort. It only available in one color. 

    → Adjustable positions available with recoil reduction
    → Equipped with 6 adjustable tube positions
    → Available for Mossberg 500/590