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  • One Point Sling + Push Button Swivel

    Picture of One Point Sling + Push Button Swivel
    Push Button Sling Swivel (PBSS)
    One Point Sling (OPS)
    Part #: OPSPBSS

    The One Point Sling with Push Button Swivel helps give a flexible weapon-retention for a large number of strategic situations and missions.

    • Made Of: Nylon + Steel
    • All
    • Weight (ounce(s)): 161.0
    • measurements
      Width Max (inch(es)) : 6.2
      Length Max (inch(es)) : 84.1


    The One Point Sling (OPS) and Push Button Sling Swivel (PBSS) combine to allow operators to maneuver one-point attachments for direct action to more stability. The OPS with the Sling Swivel permits users to switch from a weapon on the shoulder, to quick reaction and minimize exposure. The OPS with PBSS incorporates a new low profile quick-adjust slider, that takes into consideration secure sling adjustments.

    → Ambidextrous push button designed for quick detachment
    → Designed for left and right handed users
    → Available for slings up to 1.6" without restraining
    → Easily attaches with our stocks or the sling swivel
    → Customized as a rigid and fully adjustable sling 
    → Constructed of durable 1.5" nylon and a high density bungee cord
    → Equipped with a metal carabiner made easily to snap onto many mounting locations 

    OPS One Point Sling Measurements

    → Width: 1.57"

    → Length: 31.49"

    PBSS Push Button Sling Swivel Measurements

    → Width: 0.86"

    → Length: 1.61"