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  • PGS - Pressure Switch Mount - Picatinny

    Pressure Switch Mount
    SKU: PGS
    Part #: PGS

    The PGS Pressure Switch Mount features a quick attachment and detaches from Picatinny rail with the captive thumb screw.

    • Made Of: Polymer
    • Picatinny
    • Weight (ounce(s)): 119.9
    • measurements
      Width Max (inch(es)) : 3.7
      Height Max (inch(es)) : 13.2


    The PGS Pressure Switch Mount provides a solid location for your remote cable and switch.

    • Designed specifically for the IDF forces for the original G2 remote.
    • Attaches to all BP grip models and the PVG forearm grip with a clip.
    • Features four arms surrounding the forearm grip to prevent slipping.
    • Great for both left and right sides.

    PGS Pressure Switch Mount Measurements

    → Weight: 4.23 oz.

    → Height: 5.19"

    → Width: 1.45"