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  • SGR1 - Plain Barrel Shotgun Rail - Picatinny

    Picture of SGR1 - Plain Barrel Shotgun Rail - Picatinny
    SKU: SGR1
    Part #: SGR1

    The SGR1 Plain Barrel Shotgun Rail fits plain barrel shotguns up to 12 gauge and provides an aluminum Picatinny rail for the mounting of lights or laser equipment.

    • Made Of: Aluminum
    • M16, Mossberg 500, M4, Picatinny, Remington 870, AR15
    • Weight (ounce(s)): 40.0
    • measurements
      Width Max (inch(es)) : 3.3
      Height Max (inch(es)) : 3.0
      Length Max (inch(es)) : 5.7


    The SGR1 Plain Barrel Shotgun Rail provides mounting of a forward grip, bipod, laser sights, flashlights and more. This shotgun rail mount fits barrels up to a 12 gauge, and its secure fit assures accuracy of the mounted item. The Plain Barrel Shotgun Rail mount can also fit rifle and AR15 type barrels.

    → Made of high grade aluminum 
    → Secure fit, ensures accuracy of mounted accessory
    → Able to be mounted using AR15 & 12 gauge shotgun

    SGR1 Plain Barrel Shotgun Rail Measurements

    → Width: 1.299"

    → Length: 2.244"