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  • SVG - Short Forearm Vertical Grip - Picatinny

    Short Forearm Vertical Grip
    Action shot of the Front Arm Short Vertical Grip
    SKU: SVG
    Part #: SVG

    The SVG Short Forearm Vertical Grip is designed for use with Picatinny railed hand guards.

    • Made Of: Polymer
    • Picatinny
    • Weight (ounce(s)): 3.2
    • measurements
      Width Max (inch(es)) : 1.8
      Height Max (inch(es)) : 4.1
      Length Max (inch(es)) : 1.1


    The SVG Short Forearm Vertical Grip comes with a comfortable, lightweight fore grip.  Designed for a Picatinny rail with a hand guard, it has an ergonomically curved cylinder and useful during combat.

    → Designed with 6 ring grooves for better operating control
    → Composed with a storage compartment
    → Equipped with a claim-locking system for a secure lock on Picatinny Rail
    → Provides a non-slipping gripping surface