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    Trigger Locking Holster for all glocks
    Action shot of the Trigger Locking Holster for all glocks
    SKU: TLHG1
    Part #: TLHG1

    Trigger Locking Holster

    • Made Of: Polymer


    The TLH model is lightweight and rugged while
    providing Level 2 retention with an index finger
    guide for quicker handgun access.

    → 1 Index finger push-button - holds
    against the pistol’s trigger guard.
    → 2 Index finger guide, for safe and smooth
    draw (prevents accidental discharge).
    → 3 Trigger position indicator.
    → 4 For Glock Gen.4: low front profile for
    extractor (chambered round) indication.
    → 5 Three angle positions: forward,
    backwards and vertical.
    → 6 Enables a positive grip for a quick and
    smooth draw.
    → 7 Paddle and belt-loop carry options.